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with Lisa Zahiya

  • Figure out what you want
  • Learn the steps 
  • Get it done
  • Become the woman who can accomplish her dreams

An intimate one day event for 40 amazing entrepreneurially minded women. 

$97 investment


Do you see the future you want but don’t know how to get there?  

  • You are driven by shoulds, by “have tos” and “not to dos.” 
  • You don’t like this, and you feel stuck.  
  • You are successful, but can’t quite say that you are satisfied. You can see where you’d like to be, but can’t figure out how to get there.  

Life doesn’t have to be this way. I figured it out - how to know what I want, how to get it, and I want to share that with you.  

With myself and my clients, I have developed a systematic approach to getting from “I want” to “I have and am happy.”  


I’m Lisa. I’m successful. I conceptualized and own several six figure businesses. I own a thriving coaching business and have taken my 17 clients into the lives and businesses of their dreams. I am a coach, dancer, and teacher who takes my years of creativity, business acumen and teaching ability into my work with my clients.

I'm living my dream and I want to help you live yours. 

And I want to share this with you in this special one day event... 


At the end of this event you will walk away with:  

  • A clear knowledge of what you want want over the next year
  • A concrete plan of how to turn your dreams into goals
  • A list of how to turn your goals into a manageable to do list
  • Skills for what to do when you are stuck
  • Clarifying exercises to figure out what you want. 
  • Learn skills to take you from “I want” to “I will” to “I do.” 
  • A take home plan achieving what you want in the next year!
  • MOVEMENT! Using proven principles of kinesiology and neuro-plasticity, we will do movement exercises to get us motivated to ACHIEVE. 
  • Motivation to GO AND TAKE ACTION! 


The day will start at 9am with connection 

Lisa will begin the program at 9:30am

The day will close at 5pm.  


Q: Who is this event for? 

A: Any entreprenurially minded woman. New business owners, exsisting business owners and those dreaming of running a business or using a business mindset in their life. Anyone who is female identified or enjoys the energy of badass women is welcome! 

Q: Do I have to attend the whole day? 

A: Yes! Since space is limited, all attendees should plan on attending the full day. PLUS, there will be amazing nuggets of info all day, so please plan time for a transformative experience. 

Q: Can't I do this on my own? 

A: Well sure, BUT, my questions to you would be... Are you doing this? Would you like to do it with the support and company of a group of AMAZING women? 

Q: Do I have to dance? 

A: Lisa will use movement to create a state of excitement and to make us all ready for change. But, with that said, dancing is optional and absolutely no movement experience is necessary. 



81 Broadway Street

Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828-537-0892

Enjoy famous downtown Asheville NC! Great restaurants, independent shops, breweries and more! 

explore asheville 


$97 investment for the full day program. 

10 Spots remaining