6 month live online business school for 30 amazing entrepreneurs

Dear Business (or future) Business owner,

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Do you see the future you want but don’t know how to get there?  
  • You are driven by shoulds, by “have tos” and “not to dos.” 
  • You are successful, but can’t quite say that you are satisfied. You can see where you’d like to be, but can’t figure out how to get there.  
  • You can see where you want you and your business want to go but don't know how to get there.
  • Life doesn’t have to be this way. I figured it out - how to know what I want, how to get it, and I want to share that with you.  

With myself and my clients, I have developed a systematic approach to getting from “I want” to “I have and am happy with your life and your business." 

Join me a for a six month business transformation from July-December of 2019

Change maker. Rebel. Cheerleader. Drill Sergeant. 

Lisa Zahiya is an internationally known life-coach, small business developer, speaker, dancer, and performer. She is based in Asheville, NC where she owns several successful small businesses.

She has helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow the businesses they want and design lives they love. 

She specializes in mindset, business education and empowering her clients to live the lives of their dreams. 

It's Your Turn. It's Your Time. 30 spots. 


Lisa is seeking 30 amazing entrepreneurs who are ready to change their lives and their businesses! 

Participants will be selected by application. We are seeking driven, motivated business owners or business owners to be. 

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When I came to Lisa, I had already started my business, and was at a place where I wanted to expand and evolve my business into something bigger. I felt stuck, sloppy, and like everything was forced. Lisa has empowered me and taught me how to be multi-passionate in an organized way, get focused, and transition my business into something that feels truly aligned with my passions and goals.

- Bernadette Soler -

What is Z School? 

Z School is a six-month Business School for badasses, creatives and change makers who are hungry to grow their business. Lisa has designed the school for entrepreneurs ready to expand their business to multiple six figures while sticking to their values and being themselves. 

Growing a business requires Z School and Lisa will help co-create an effective road map to get to where you want.

Lisa has changed the lives of 100s of entrepreneurs - this program is ready for you if you are ready to do the work! 

Applications are being received now and spots will fill first come first serve. 

School runs 7/1-12/31 of this year! 

What does Z School entail? 

2 Classes Per Month On the first and second Wednesday at 1pm EST. 

Each class is recorded. Each class has a corresponding handout.

One Q&A Call Per Month Third Wednesday of the month. Lisa answers your questions live! 

1:1 Calls with Lisa Each participant will do a 1:1 call with Lisa at the beginning and end of the six months. 

Library of Resources Get access to a full library of resources around each topic.  

Community Get excited and inspired with a community of rock star business owners!  

Bonus Classes Bonus recorded classes on marketing, mindset and more!  

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All the Details 

How Long is the Program

Z School starts 7/1. and runs for six months. A new program will start 1/1/2020.

How Much Does it Cost? 

Z School is $299 a month billed on the 1st of the month starting July 1 or the pay in full for six months is $1500. 

How are the Classes Delivered? 

All classes will be held via Zoom, an online video platform accessible from anywhere in the world. All the videos will be recorded and put in the library. 

What is Covered in the Course?  

Each month focuses on one area of business development and one area of mental/habit development for success. This program combines Lisa's background and training in Life Coaching with her MBA, corporate marketing career and 15+ years as a successful entrepreneur.  

**Note: This Course will evolve and develop to the needs of the participants.**  


All about money. How do you become friends with your money? Conquering old money habits to create a healthy financial future. How to stop worrying. What are the basics of business financials. How do you apply them to your business? Long term financial forecasting. What's your exit plan? 


Who are you? Who is your business? How are you defining yourself and how do you market and sell with integrity? Marketing is more than logos and websites - define your message, your values, and your story. Develop your personal brand.


Businesses live online. How can you get translate online successfully? Get clear about the HOWS and WHYS of social media and online platforms. Getting specific about social media, email newsletters and running a business online.  


Relationships. Working with others, whether internally or externally is essential to success. How do you partner successfully? All about employees. Long term successful customer relationships. What stories are you telling yourself that are blocking successful relationships?


Sales. It's more than monetary exchange. Define what your customers need and how to sell it to them. Sales where both sides win. Develop a mindset of success. 


Long term planning & next steps. What's next? What's the exit plan? What do you need to survive and thrive and maintain your business long term?

When I decided to have Lisa coach me for my business, I was heavily stressed, had no idea about what marketing strategies to use, and was not consistent with any of them.  

My schedule was not working for me and I couldn’t say ‘no.’ After the first coaching session, I enforced a set schedule, marketing and networking tips, and set goals. Everything that I have implemented because of her has increased profitability, engagement with potential clients, and has decreased stress because my business works for me now.

- Leslie Leon -



  • You are ready to take your part-time hustle full time. 
  • You have the drive to grow your existing business or...
  • You are ready to fast-track a new business idea. 
  • You are excited to do the work, clarify the vision and grow. 


If you pay in full, you will have your spot in the program and full access to bonus features from the time of payment. If you pay the deposit ($200), you will sign a contract for an automatic payment of $99 on 7/1 and $299 the following 5 months. There are no refunds, you can receive credit with Lisa in extenuating circumstances.


To participate in the classes, you will need a wifi connection and a computer with a built-in microphone. You can also access the classes on tables or phones (via cellular data.) 


There are 3 online sessions per month. Two (1st and 2nd Wednesdays at 1pm EST.) These are classes, each comes with a handout, where we cover a mix of business and mindset training. The third session per month (third Wednesday at 1pm EST) is a live Q&A where Lisa will deep dive into your questions. Outside of classes, I would plan for 1-2 hours per week to work on your business.


  • Lisa's unique training which combines life coach training, corporate marketing training, a Masters in Business and 15+ years running her own business.
  • A mix of mindset training (how you stay on track, accomplish goals) combined with business training. 
  • No suits needed! Creatives wanted. Lisa works with each business owner to create the lives that they want! 

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PAY IN FULL : $1500 (payment reserves your spot) 

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: $299 1st of the month July-December.

Only 30 enrollments available. Sign Up today. 

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